It took me a while to realise why I've pursued a career in design, but recently I've concluded that it's from a desire to understand how things work and how to build new things or make them better.

These curiosities first manifested themselves in dismantling bicycles then rebuilding them. Early on it wasn't through efficiency but rather lack of experience and over-confidence that I seemed to finish with seemingly excess parts.

This obsession of discovering how things work has evolved as I have grown older; including a brief stint as a ski instructor – analysing how the sport works on a minute scale. Whilst my ski career wasn’t to be, I have since dedicated my passion to design. Training in Graphic Design (the practice of constructing communication), I have since moved into the world of digital products – developing a love of finding human centered answers to complex user experience problems and developing them into elegant solutions.

For a while I have wondered what has connected all of these apparently random interests and indeed how I ended up where I am. I have come to understand that what binds them all is a desire to comprehend how things function, then try to see if I can improve upon them.

If you'd like to talk about my work, or myself, please get in touch.