Exploring more of your city in your spare time


User Experience & User Interface

An application that takes into consideration the user's free time and then formulates an agenda of activities to help them find out more about their city, or just fill their free time. Over time, the app will learn habits and likes of the user to deliver better recommendations.

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Location is important for a location based application

Using gestures, the user can select how long they have to explore more of their surrounding area, and how far they are willing to travel.

Later in its product life, a social aspect can be introduced to consider a friends time as a variable to deliver recommendations for both parties.

The user can then select, from a list of suggestions, what they like the look of…

…once the selection is confirmed, the resutls are overlayed on a map

The user can then tap on each location to get a heads up on information about the venue

Swiping left & right on the venue detail screen will paginate through the other venue details pages