User Experience & User Interface

Another self-initiated project. Succinct is an experiment in personal messaging. An app which only lets you send your friends one word at a time. It means only your closest friends will understand the context of the words and conversation – no need for complicated encryption.

If you would like to have a chat about this project, or want to work on something similar, please get in touch.

The message list will show a list of all their current Succinct chats, with only the most recent word visible

Morbi non risus eu arcu faucibus vestibulum

Tapping on a chat will reveal the font being used and give the user the available actions; bookmark the font, reveal the conversation (past words) or reply

when replying the user will be able to type one word only. The font will be selected at random from the catalogue – however, the user wont know what font has been selected until they send their word

Once sent the reply-word will be visible in the Succinct chat list

If the user decides to reveal the full succinct chat list, they can see eash word in reverse chronological order…

…then tapping into the word will reveal more details about the font used for that word