Below are examples of my work. Some projects have been edited or excluded for privacy reasons.

If you would like to talk about my work, or see more, please get in touch.


User Experience & User Interface

As a co-founder of OLDSTCO, I worked with Penfold to review and refresh their product offering. Through development of a design-system we created a strong foundation that the product could iterate on into the future.


User Interface & Design Operations

Whilst working with Sky, I was asked to review, consolodate and build a user interface design library whilst also contributing to live journeys within the Interactive TV team. I developed a couple of Sketch libraries; a component library and a layout library, that helped increase consistency and reduce lead times on user interface mockups.

Due to confidentiality agreements, I am unable to share details or specifics on this project

Quit Genius

User Experience & User Interface

Whilst working with the studio, Elsewhen, I helped Quit Genius design an application to help people quit smoking. Using extensive behaviour research, we created an experience that incentivised users to progress through the course to greatly increase their chances to quit smoking.

After leaving Elsewhen and since its initial release, I have updated the Quit Genius UI as part of a refresh exercise.


Branding, User Experience & User Interface

An application that takes into consideration the user's free time and then formulates an agenda of activities to help them find out more about their city, or just fill their free time. Over time, the app will learn habits and likes of the user to deliver better recommendations.

Later in its product life, a social aspect can be introduced to consider a friends time as a variable to deliver recommendations for both parties.


User Experience & User Interface

Another self-initiated project. Succinct is an experiment in personal messaging.

An app which only lets you send your friends one word at a time. It means only your closest friends will understand the context of the words and conversation — no need for complicated encryption.


User Experience & User Interface

Flök is a side project that I am working on with a handful of my peers.

It is an app designed to make arranging events with your friends easier, quicker and less formal than a standard calendar application.

The Domestique

Design, Interview & Writing

The Domestique is a cycling magazine dedicated to telling the little known stories of cycling culture. I was asked to compose, conduct, write and design an interview with Team KGF (now Team Huub Watt-Bike); asking about their attitude to track-cycling and how they are changing the rules of engagement in elite competition.

Good Cycling Cycling Club®

Branding, Videography & Web Design

Good Cycling Cycling Club® promotes Good Cycling amongst their club mates, their peers within cycling and the wider world. I wanted to build a destination for them to spread the Good Cycling message and stand against bad cycling.*

*Mostly though it's just a few cycling fans pissing about, being a bit sh¡t.


Branding, User Experience, User Interface & Web Design

INUI was initially conceived as a tool to help me manage my diabetes and insulin doses. I also wanted to take the opportunity to expand my Javascript skills/knowledge in a project that could be of genuine use for diabetics.

Inui is currently considered a proof-of-concept and is an ongoing work-in-progress. Inui is in development as a web application with views to build native applications in the future.

Race Radio

Branding, User Interface, User Experience & Conversation Design

Race Radio (working title) is a collaboration on an idea that was sparked during the lead up to the 2019 Tour de France. With Race Radio Alexa can tell you; today’s stage, the stage number, the stage’s distance, the type of stage and a little optional insight from the race director, Christian Prudhomme.

Race Radio is available in the Amazon Alexa skills store – 🔍 "Race Radio" in the Alexa Skills. I consider it to be a work in progress for the 2019 season with views to expand in the future.